La Cuchilla


La Cuchilla once felt forgotten, remote, disconnected, overlooked, and powerless to change all of that. When we first entered the community of La Cuchilla no one had a job, homes were made of stick and mud, 90% of the children were not in school, there was no access to clean water, and people were hopeless. 


Our corn and plantain projects are located within our Grand Farm, on 16 acres of land. These projects employ 16-18 men, who work five days a week. They plant corn every three and a half months and replant plantains every 18 months. Once harvested, the corn is utilized for animal feed and the remainder is sold to market. The plantains are sold to market every two weeks. There is a real method and routine to their work, and the men work hard to prepare themselves for any obstacles that may interfere with the abundance of their harvest. 



THE LA Cuchilla TEAM

We employ the La Coroza team to create sustainable opportunities, oversee projects, and ensure the people we serve are prospering mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our goal is for La Coroza to continue to grow in a healthy and safe environment.

Meet the Team - Darwin.jpg

Darwin Suazo
Village Director

Meet the Team - Emerita.jpg

Emerita Amador
Women's Project Leader


Adan Fuentes
Men's Project Leader


Daniel Mejia
Honduran Operations Coordinator