La Coroza

La Coroza is a village of hard-working people who’ve faced many challenges and devastation, including being hit by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. But they've never given up hope.

When we arrived in 2010, the vast majority of people didn't have a high school degree, and there was little opportunity to work more than one day per week. Today, we work hand-in-hand with the people in La Coroza, creating sustainable job opportunities, opening doors to a brighter future for the next generation.


Our corn and plantain projects are located within our Grand Farm, on 16 acres of land. These projects employ 16-18 men, who work five days a week. They plant corn every three and a half months and replant plantains every 18 months. Once harvested, the corn is utilized for animal feed and the remainder is sold to market. The plantains are sold to market every two weeks. There is a real method and routine to their work, and the men work hard to prepare themselves for any obstacles that may interfere with the abundance of their harvest. 


Our pig and chicken projects employ 12 women who previously had no opportunities for daily work to provide for their families. The women take pride in their work, tending to the animals every day. They clean the chicken coop and pig pens to provide a sanitary environment, and they care for the animals' basic needs by feeding and washing them to keep them cool. All these tasks are completed tediously to prepare the livestock for market. Not only do the women work extremely hard, they also attend seminars to learn how to care for their animals effectively and how to run their business to its fullest potential.


We employ the La Coroza team to create sustainable opportunities, oversee projects, and ensure the people we serve are prospering mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our goal is for La Coroza to continue to grow in a healthy and safe environment.

Meet the Team - Darwin.jpg

Darwin Suazo
Village Manager


Emerita Amador
Women's Project Leader

Juan Ramos.jpg

Juan Ramos
Village Manager

Aminta copy.jpg

Aminta Suazo
Family Initiatives Manager

Meet the Team - Jose Luis.jpg

Jose Luis Gazarrate
Men's Project Leader

Daniel Mejia.jpg

Daniel Mejia
Strategic Initiatives Coordinator