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The Hope Circle

We believe that in order to make a difference we have to belong to a community. In doing so, the Hope Circle provides an opportunity to give together, encourage each other, and make a difference in the world. By joining the Hope Circle you will receive a special gift from our team and access to community events.


Level 1 | $35 a month/$420 dollars a year

Impact: $35 a month will pay for 2 days of work days for Adan in La Cuchilla. The 2 days of work growing plantains are not just for Adan. Those 2 days mean 2 more days that Adan and his family will not have to wake up worrying about where to find their next meal.


Level 2 | $65 a month/$780 a year

Impact: $65 a month can be the make or break for a child to go from elementary to secondary school for someone like Brenda in Remolino. Most children in rural Honduras do not go to school past 6th grade. As a result of a Hope Circle member sponsoring Brenda to go to secondary school, she wants to be a teacher, and teach children about math.


Level 3 | $100 a month/$1,200 a year

Impact: $100 a month could allow H&H to bring clean water project in a village. In 2015, the donors of H&H brought clean water to La Coroza. As a result, Emerita and her children do not have to cope with perpetual stomach aches and frequent illnesses. This allows them to become the best versions of themselves. Emerita can now work with clarity of mind as the Women’s Project Leader (chickens and pigs), and her children can focus clearly in school while learning to become future change makers in Honduras.


Level 4 | $250 a month/$3,000 a year

Impact: $250 allows H&H to properly train its leaders. One example is H&H annually takes its staff (Juan, Darwin, Aminta, and Daniel) and its village leaders to the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Positive change cannot be sustained until leaders and leadership structures have been identified, supported, and invested in.


Level 5 | $500 a month/$6,000 a year

Impact: $500 allows H&H to help bring the community together. We are committed to supporting opportunities to play together, worship together, and celebrate together. It is only together that we can break the bondage of poverty. $500 a month could help us give secondary education students a refuge to come and do there homework together in Remolino, a place to worship together in La Coroza, or allow us to have a Finding Nemo movie night in La Cuchilla.