Our Volunteer Teams

We believe everyone was created on purpose and for a purpose. Below are several of our teams of volunteers who believe in our mission and dedicate time to help us reach our goals.

Health squad

Leader: Naz Fuller (naz@humanityandhopeunited.org)
Meetings & Time Commitment: Our health squad meets once a month to discuss health issues in our communities.
Focus: They work with Dr. Faviola in Honduras to provide education materials and supplies for her seminars.

Education team

Leader: Paula Diaz
Ensuring each of our students (primary-secondary) in our communities have the opportunity to attend school. This helps them to see their potential an know they can achieve it too!

Experience Team

Leader: Landré Kingdon (landre@humanityandhopeunited.org)
Time Commitment: This one can have more of a weekly time commitment, as you will have 1:1 calls with a few people who want to go on an upcoming trip. You will be trained by Landré and meet with her regularly to ensure you have the support you need.
Focus: They help build our H&H community here in the US and ensure everyone who volunteers with us feels like a true part of the H&H family.
You must have gone on a trip (or plan to) to join this team.

Communication Team

Leaders: Olivia Sakai and Ally Browning
Meets: Weekly and Monthly on Wednesdays
Time Commitment: Depending on your role and how much time you have will determine how much time each week or month you’ll commit to volunteering.
Focus: To get the mission and message of H&H out there in order for others to join us either on a trip, at a fundraiser, or one of these teams! Also, we get to update all of our followers, donors, and partners with what is happening on the ground in Honduras.

Fundraising Team

Leaders: Ben Higgins
Focus: Recruit corporate sponsors and create fundraising events / opportunities for volunteers to help us reach our monthly and yearly financial goals.

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