How Humanity & Hope United Started

Hear Co-founder, Riley Fuller, talk about his first trip to Honduras and how he began dreaming up H&H.

How Humanity & Hope Operates

Co-President, Riley Fuller explains how H&H works to help end the poverty cycle in Honduras. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to live to their fullest potential.

Our Education Pillar

Aminta is our Education Team Leader and she is passionate about making sure every student has the opportunity to learn. Learn more -

Our Leadership Pillar

Everyone has the capacity to reach their fullest potential. Darwin leads our leadership team which helps guide the men and women to be leaders in their communities. 

Our Community Pillar

When everyone in the community works together, the community flourishes. Daniel explains how this works for each of our communities.

What's Happening in Honduras

Co-President and Dir. of Honduran Operations, Jordan Fuller, chats with Dir. of Engagement, Ally Browning about current events in Honduras and how H&H is working to create sustainable change.

Our Six Pillars

Co-President and Director of Honduran Operations, Jordan Fuller, explains what they are and how they work.

Our Health Pillar

Dr. Faviola leads our Health Team and she makes trips to each of our communities each week. She teaches health seminars and also has clinic days.

Our Infrastructure Pillar

We believe everyone should have the three basic necessities - food, water, and shelter. Darwin leads our infrastructure team to ensure everyone in our communities has access to these things.

Our Economy Pillar

We desire to create opportunities for men and women to work in jobs for which they are paid appropriately.