Trip FAQs

We know going on an overseas trip lends to a lot of questions and uncertainty. We’ve put together our FAQ guide with some of our volunteers to help answer questions you may have. If you think of any other questions, please contact us or reach out to your Experience Team member.

Is it safe there, I see military guys in your pictures?

There can be times of civil unrest in Honduras, but our groups are always in good hands with our military escorts and Honduran H&H Team. The military personnel are an added precaution we take and they will escort you to the villages and remain with you there throughout the day. Darwin, Daniel and Aminta will always be with you when you leave the hotel as well. We do have a few rules to help ensure you stay as safe as possible. Stick together. Don’t go anywhere by yourself or without a translator. Wait in the airport until everyone arrives and your trip leaders will let you know when you are all leaving.

I have never felt unsafe…I feel more unsafe in some parts of the city I live in than I do when I’m down in Honduras. - Kelly S.


How can I be involved if my trip is months out?

We love this question! Once you sign up for a trip (or get back from one), we know the desire to get plugged in right away is huge. The two easiest ways are to purchase products from Generous International and begin sharing about your trip on social media. You can even work with your Experience Team Member to start your trip fundraising page. Ask us for fundraising tips!

Another way to get involved is to become a monthly donor. At Humanity and Hope United we believe giving is a catalyst for change. When you transition funds from your pocket to the hands of a father or mother in need of a steady income, it becomes a so much more than money in their pocket. It becomes a purpose and a reason to live.

How do I connect with the people I’m going to be traveling with?

Your trip leaders will send an email about a month out and ask everyone to introduce themselves with a few fun facts. We suggest that you start following each other on social media because we know it can still be a bit awkward when you first meet up. Once you know who your roommate is going to be, connect with them and you may even can coordinate a bit of packing! Ask where everyone is flying in / out of - several of you may all be on the same flights!

Thanks to our pre-trip email and connections on social media, I knew exactly who to look for on my flight. It made connecting in Honduras and going through customs so much easier (two of them had already been on a trip before!) - AllieD.

After you’ve arrived in Honduras, open up and be a little vulnerable with your trip mates. You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily you connect with the people on your trip! Remember that everyone is there with a passion to serve, and this is a commonality that often stands as a foundation for some beautiful relationships!

What do I wear?

Sorry girls, we know this is you asking! We suggest sticking to the guidelines your trip leader sends. Due to local weather conditions (sometimes hot and sometimes muddy/rainy), work out clothes are you best option. Long pants are preferred due to bugs and brush. You’ll also want to bring either hiking or rain boots that are comfortable to be in. (Follow us on Instagram to see what everyone wears).

A few other things you’ll need

  • Water bottle (lightweight, easy to clean)

  • Snacks-Protein bars, trail mix packs, emergen-c packs (probiotics, hydration, etc.),

  • Sweatshirt/sweatpants for sleeping

  • Sunscreen/bug spray

  • Tummy drops, ginger candy, natural remedies for upset stomach/nausea

  • Bandana, also those stretchy infinity scarves work as well

  • Cheap sunnies (urban, target)

  • Outlets are the same so no adapter necessary

What is the typical day like?

Everyone will eat breakfast together at the hotel. There is a local coffee shop on site if you want an extra treat. Once you leave the hotel in the morning, you won’t be back until later in the afternoon. Make sure to pack your water, snacks and any medications to take with you. PBJ lunches will be provided for you while you’re out in the communities. Dinner will vary each night, but you’ll have a chance to regroup at the hotel. The hotel has indoor plumbing so you will be able to shower everyday (bring some shower shoes if you want!). Our villages do have bathrooms, however, they do live in remote places so be aware they aren’t your typical restrooms.

All photos provided by: RP Imagery