The Hope Circle

Where there’s life, there’s hope—the simple ability to believe that things can get better. Our role in “hope” is to multiply it. Hope is everywhere we look when we choose to build it. It’s time for us to take a stand for each other, to join together, and to start building a better tomorrow today.

We know that each of us is here on purpose and for a purpose. We were each built with greatness that makes our lives full and those around us better. When we join together in a life-changing circle of people that keeps growing, hope begins to be something you can see, feel, be a part of, and help build with and for other people.

Hope is not a dream for us to wait for; it’s a reality we can choose today. And the more of us who join together, the stronger our circle of hope will be. Today we are able to partner with 3 communities to create jobs, send children to school, build houses, bathrooms, provide clean water, and much more. Together we create a tangible hope today for a better tomorrow.

What if the Hope Circle grew to 200 people? To 500 people? To include an entire university, business, or church? Would it be possible to change the way the entire world tells the story of Honduras, and not just 3 isolated communtieis? This hope is meant to grow, and it’s meant to bring out the greatness in people who otherwise might be ignored. The circle is incomplete without you…join us today!

Connecting you with community and purpose.


1 week of full-time work


2 weeks of full-time work


1 month of full-time work

As a Hope Circle Member you will:

*Be recognized as we share your stories throughout our social media platforms
*Be given the resources and guidance for individual fundraising opportunities
*Receive an invitation to our annual Hope Circle retreat in the United States
*Have exclusive access to communication with our families in Honduras
*Receive a care package with Hope Circle T-shirt and Generous Coffee


Brandon C. | Denver, CO


Ben H. | Denver, CO

Chanel M. | New York, NY