18 months ago, La Cuchilla was known as the “Abandoned Hole.” Communities nearby would laugh at them and make fun of them. The people who live there didn’t have enough to eat, didn’t have access to education, didn’t have stable jobs, didn’t have clean water or electricity or houses, and the list goes on and on.

We believe that people should be defined by who they are, and not what they don’t have. La Cuchilla is getting to live that reality because have worked incredibly hard and have believed in the impossible. In fact, they have tangible hope and the proof to back it up. They’ve sent their first ever children to high school, built a school in the community, created jobs for every adult who wants to work, and have brought clean water to the community.

Things have improved so much that people are now clamoring to be a part of La Cuchilla because they believe the best is yet to come. Still, the people in La Cuchilla live in literal darkness without electricity and live in homes that are unstable and don’t keep them safe from weather or animals.

We believe that the people of La Cuchilla are going to be a force for good in Honduras, spreading opportunity to people who have lacked it for so long and bringing hope to people who have lived without it. For La Cuchilla to spread their miracle beyond their community, they need a stable foundation. They need a foundation…and that’s where YOU get to play a life-changing role.


Current Living Conditions


Blueprint of La Cuchilla Homes

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We invite you to host dinner party with your friends and families to break break and break ground. Together we will build 30 homes for the 173 people who live in La Cuchilla. Every home will include two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and electricity. These will be homes built for thriving, not just surviving!

And you can be a force for building a hope and a future for La Cuchilla. Each house will cost $10,000 and adults from the community will be come together to build them with the help of a construction foreman (job creation is another great benefit!).

Beyond just giving money, we encourage you to go deep and really get to know the family you choose to serve. Click here to meet the families you will directly impact. We are here to help! Sign up to host a dinner, and let us know how we can help you build a better future for a family who truly deserves and needs the opportunity.


Invite your family, friends, circle of influence over for a dinner and raise funds for homes!


Set up your personal fundraising page and support for families in need of proper infrastructure.

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Come to Honduras and see the homes for yourself + the work H&H is doing.