Volunteers' Favorite Memories

We asked a few of our volunteers to share with us some of their favorite activities from their trips. Read on to see what they had to say!

Tyson Schank

One of my favorite parts of an H&H trip is building lifelong relationships with a community of authentic people, who share common values, and are ready to bring purpose to their life by choosing to radically love others. 

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Kelsey Bryceson

There are so many activities to choose from on a trip! However, one of my favorites is probably playing soccer with a group of young kids. I play sports nearly every week here in the States, but there is still a difference when I played within the Honduras community. There is a deeper sense of camaraderie, affection and joy. Neither the language barrier or my lack of skill didn’t keep them from including myself and others in their afternoon sport.

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Griff Jenkins

One of my best memories was meeting a young family in La Coroza. Despite all of the surface-level differences, we developed an instant connection. Over the next few days, we got to visit with them several times (at their home, the community center, at the Grand Farm) and develop a real relationship. We learned about life in Honduras and how it's different than ours, but how so many of the important things (love, joy, hope, family and friendship) are the same. I now have true friends in a small village in Honduras, and can't wait to get back to Honduras and visit them again.  


Rachel Peterson

One of my favorite memories on my trips to Honduras with H&H is always playing with the kids and capturing their sweet faces through my lens. I love hearing their giggles and seeing their faces light up when they look at the back of my camera and are in awe of seeing their own faces staring back at them. We always make it into a little game, but at the end of the day- it warms my heart that such a simple little, playful game makes these children feel known, truly seen, and abundantly loved.

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Pete Zessin

My favorite part of my trip to Honduras was working alongside the locals on projects that they had identified to H&H as a need.  There is clearly a lot of need in the communities that we work in, so knowing that the people there prioritized specific projects for us to help with makes it so much more meaningful.  The locals were so incredibly willing to work with us, despite the language barrier and the fact that we were slowing them down most of the time.  They take a ton of pride in the work that they do, and work extremely hard at it!