Volunteer Story: Tyleana Hoffer

Tyleana found out about Humanity and Hope through her church - Warsaw Community Church. WCC has been a huge supporter of H&H from the beginning and they bring a group to Honduras at least once a year.

Why did you decide to go on a trip?

I decided to go on a trip because God had been putting it on my heart for years upon years to take the step. The opportunity finally came up and I had to go.

What was the most eye-opening thing you saw or experienced in Honduras?

It's hard to pin-point a specific thing from the trips I have been on, but one of the biggest things for me was to interact and bond with the families during home visits and to see how strong their faith is, even though they are living in major poverty.

IMG_0847 - Tyleana Hoffer.JPG

Tyleana’s favorite part

The favorite part of my most recent trip was standing out in the rain during worship with Joel and Pastor Roger. The rain came pouring down on us. The sound of the rain on the metal roof of the church was overpowering enough to keep us from hearing what was being said/sung, but everyone continued to worship and listen to the sermon. It was as if the rain was God's mercy pouring down on us to show us that He was with us.

Any advice (or encouragement) you'd give to someone who is thinking of joining us on a trip?

If you are considering joining Humanity & Hope on a trip, GO FOR IT! If God has put it on your heart to travel to Honduras, you need to listen to Him! Being called on a trip does not necessarily mean that missions is your calling, but there is a reason for you to be a part of this team. Your life will be changed in ways you never even thought were possible. Pray about it. Ask God if this is what He wants for you. And take that step!

How has your trip impacted your daily life post trip?

My life has been impacted in many ways. Along with making tons of friends around the country with my team members, I was able to realize that I am not an observer. The reason I went on my second trip was for me to realize that my role in H&H's program needs to be something much deeper than just going on trip after trip. I need to get involved.

What are ways you plan to continue to be generous and offer hope in your daily life?

Currently, I am a monthly donor to the Humanity & Hope education fund. I believe better education is the hope for a better future for the children.

We love when a community like WCC sees the value of a long-term relationship with us and brings their people on a trip with them!