Volunteer Story: Samantha Flick

We’re excited to share Samantha’s story with you today because it shows how Humanity and Hope can come full circle. One of our long-time volunteers used her personal circle of influence (her daily life) to encourage a friend to go on a trip. One conversation, one story, can impact someone’s life forever.

How did you find out about Humanity and Hope?

I heard about Humanity and Hope through Kelly Segar who I worked with! She shared the story of the organization with so much passion that I couldn’t help but want to learn more!

Why did you choose Humanity and Hope?

I have wanted to go on an international volunteer trip for years but never really knew how that would happen. After hearing more about Humanity and Hope’s mission and the people there that they are helping, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of!

What was the most eye-opening thing you saw or experienced in Honduras?

I was overwhelmed with the love coming from the people we met in each village. During my week there it rained every day! That of course didn’t stop us as volunteers from being excited to go into the villages as we were met with hugs and stories from the people upon arrival. They shared all of the hard work they do for their work projects and thanked us for still coming to see them even though it was raining!

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Samantha’s favorite part

When I reflect on my trip I have two overall favorite memories that come to mind. The first is the hike to the pineapple fields in El Remolino. The view at the top is so breath taking! It was also incredibly humbling to learn that this was the path that both the men and some of the women of the village had to take each day for work! The second memory is from my home visit in La Cuchilla. My group spent time with the leader of the women’s project and her son. During our visit we started playing soccer with her son on the concrete porch. He was so happy to run around in the heat and beat us all with no shoes on!

Any advice (or encouragement) you'd give to someone who is thinking of joining us on a trip?

The people of Honduras are so worth your time and love! This trip was my first time outside of the country and I didn’t know anyone before going! I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect. H&H helped to connect me with people who would be having layovers at the same airport where I was at. Because of this, I was able to meet up with 4 girls before even getting on the plane to Honduras! They also took such good care of us throughout the whole trip that I felt sad to leave by the end of the week. The connections you make with your fellow volunteers will be so special!

How has your trip impacted your daily life post trip?

This trip humbled me completely. I am more thankful for all the I have (including those stressful moments!) and convicted to raise awareness for those less fortunate. I want to use all that I have learned and experienced from this trip to advocate and help Humanity and Hope continue to make a difference for the people of Honduras.