Volunteer Story: Peggy Underwood

Peggy and EJ Underwood found out about Humanity and Hope through Denny and Kim Fuller (Riley’s parents). We love how Humanity and Hope volunteers span all generations and you never know how telling one person your story will impact their lives as well!

Why did you decide to go on a trip?

When Denny, sent me updates, I would get so excited about how God was using H&H to truly help the people. I became excited to be there and be part of this good work.

What was the most eye-opening thing you saw or experienced in Honduras?

The deep joy in the women at La Coroza when they talked about Jesus. They women are so friendly and welcoming in the villages. And, of course the precious children.


Peggy’s favorite part from her trip!

Meeting with the women! They are awesome! Chaz in La Coroza owns a little store. She is a delight!

Any advice (or encouragement) you'd give to someone who is thinking of joining us on a trip?

Go! God will take care of whatever your fears are. H&H takes good care of the teams. Don’t let satan rob you! I am 70 years old. If I can do it, so can you! Phil. 4:13


How has your trip impacted your daily life post trip?

This ministry impacts me like no other mission trips I’ve taken. It’s very personal to me. Aminta and Karen are on my mind often. The people have my heart.

What are ways you plan to continue to be generous and offer hope in your daily life?

I will always be praying for H&H and these communities! I will continue to keep in touch with Aminta and Karen. As God provides, I want to visit them again soon.