Volunteer Story: Natalie Moore

Natalie found out about Humanity and Hope through her church’s youth group. Several of them decided to go on a trip with us in the summer of 2017. Read on to learn more about her experience in Honduras!!

Why did you decide to go on a trip?

I decided to go on a trip with H&H because the Lord had been calling me to for awhile and I didn't even know it. In fifth grade, I told my teacher that I was going to be a missionary when I grew up, but that was the first and last time I thought about that idea until last year. The opportunity to go with my youth group just stuck out to me and I couldn't get it out of my thoughts, so I knew God was telling me to go.

What was the most eye-opening thing you saw or experienced in Honduras?

The most eye-opening thing I experienced in Honduras was how generous the people we served were. My group visited the community of La Cuchilla for the first time, and several women from La Coroza volunteered to come along to be a light to those in the community. It was so mind-blowing and inspiring to witness those women who had nothing (in our eyes) try to give so much to another community.


Natalie’s favorite part from her trip!

My favorite part of the trip was just being able to hear the stories of the villagers and see how much H&H has changed their lives for the better. They are all so grateful for the organization and continuously want to give back to them.

Any advice (or encouragement) you'd give to someone who is thinking of joining us on a trip?

If you are thinking about joining Humanity and Hope on a trip, you NEED to go. Definitely start by prayerfully considering how God is wanting to use you in His plan, but even if it isn't through missions, a short-term mission trip with H&H will change your life for good. This organization has incredible foundations and beliefs formed from exactly how the Lord is calling them to serve Honduras, and it will truly change your life to be a part of it.


How has your trip impacted your daily life post trip?

I am a new person completely. All of my relationships with others have developed into something more meaningful, my spiritual life has grown tremendously, and the Lord has shown me more gifts I can use to be able to help others.

What are ways you plan to continue to be generous and offer hope in your daily life?

I plan to become more involved with H&H in the future when I am all done with school, but as for right now, I want to take steps to help them fundraise and volunteer at local fundraisers.

Thank you, Natalie, for volunteering your time and telling your story with us!