Volunteer Story: Monica Williams

Monica lives in Denver and heard about Humanity and Hope through Red Rocks Church and their pastor Chad. She felt God put it on her heart to give back and do a mission trip because she has been abundantly blessed.

What was the most eye-opening thing you saw or experienced in Honduras?

The extreme gratitude in La Cuchilla really opened my eyes to the impact of Humanity and Hope. The whole community seemed to be anxiously awaiting our arrival, wanted to welcome us into their homes, share their stories and spend time with us! Although I felt the other villages were grateful, La Cuchilla had an entire different level of gratitude. It was humbling and beautiful!

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Monica’s favorite part

I was toying with the idea of doing a vacation on a beach in Belize versus a mission trip. I heard God telling me to do the mission trip instead, but I was trying to convince myself otherwise. After time in prayer I decided to obey God and pursue the mission trip and do a vacation some other time.

This trip with H&H did far more than I ever expected or anticipated in terms of the emotions, feelings and thoughts within my heart, mind and soul. It changed me, challenged me and developed me in ways a beach vacation never could - and it was a beautiful, rewarding experience. At our last house visit in La Cuchilla a lady (which I so deeply wish I could remember her name) made a comment to us at the end when we were getting ready to say our goodbyes. She told us how thankful she was that we came to see them, that she knows that the people from the US could use their money to go anywhere else, or go on vacation - but instead we chose to use our money to come visit them, that it means a lot to them and they really appreciate it. I knew even before that moment I had made the right decision to listen to God and go on the trip - but at that very moment - it hit me right in the heart, and was such an incredible and beautiful affirmation. I am so thankful so have been able to go on the trip, meet these beautiful people and try to help them pursue better opportunities for their futures, and generations to come!

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Any advice (or encouragement) you'd give to someone who is thinking of joining us on a trip?

It is one of the best decisions you could ever make!! I found myself talking like a parent (I don’t have kids, but when they talk to me about theirs, lol!) - kids are great, they’re so worth it, they change your life - but you won’t understand until you have one yourself. Prior to the trip I heard similar comments - it’s life changing, it’ll be rewarding and great, it’s worth it, etc. I anticipated and knew it would be. But wow - once you are really down there hearing the sounds, walking through the towns, smelling the smells, seeing everything first hand to put their challenges into better perspective - it was like “ahh, this is what they were talking about!” - but 10x more powerful!! But in such an incredible, beautiful, powerfully and humbling way! I absolutely want to go back, visit them again and be part of the progress they make!!

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How has your trip impacted your daily life post trip?

I often think about my team and the people I met in Honduras. I don’t want to come back to my “comfortable and privileged” life and just forget about those who are facing greater challenges and barriers. I want to ensure I am part of breaking those down and removing them. It put a lot more things in perspective for me - and reaffirmed how incredibly and abundantly blessed I am. And therefore I feel the need to share my blessings and give back!

Monica helped us out with social media videos while she was on her trip. When she came back, she started a Grand Farm Personal Fundraising page and succeeded her goal of raising $1,000! Thank you, Monica for all of your support and for coming with us to Honduras!