Volunteer Story: Lucia Paz

We are so excited to share Lucia’s story with you today because her story is about to impact the lives of children in La Cuchilla forever. Lucia moved back to Honduras from San Antonio and after seeing the need for a school in La Cuchilla, she decided to do something about it and used her sphere of people to make this dream a reality!


How did you hear about Humanity and Hope?

I learned about H&H through one of my friend’s Instagram posts. I was living in San Antonio at the time, so when I came back to Honduras for good in July of 2018, I was able to go on my first trip and my life changed forever.  

Why did you choose to volunteer with us?

Coming back to Honduras after living in San Antonio for 5 years was tough, so I was looking to get involved in something bigger than myself to find purpose. I went on my first trip exactly 1 week after coming back, without knowing anyone. It was the best week of my life and I am so blessed to now be a part of the Humanity and Hope family. I have volunteered for H&H for almost a year now and I try to help out as much as I can!

Lucia’s Favorite part

My favorite part about visiting the communities is getting to love on people and experiencing their love as well. I really enjoy playing with the kids and asking them questions, especially what their dreams and aspirations are. I also enjoy meeting new volunteers every trip, as I get to connect with people who share my same passion for helping others.

Tell us about the school in la cuchilla

Learning about how children in La Cuchilla have to walk such a long distance to go to the nearest school broke my heart. I wanted to help and saw the opportunity to submit a proposal to get a school built in La Cuchilla through the nonprofit I work at. It was a really long process (it took several months), but we trusted God all along until we were able to find a donor for the school. I am extremely happy for these kids and their future - they deserve this amazing opportunity!

Men working on clearing the land in La Cuchilla for their students to go to school!!!

Men working on clearing the land in La Cuchilla for their students to go to school!!!

How has your trip impacted your daily life post trip?

After going on my first trip with H&H, I’ve become more aware of how blessed I am and how God has a plan and purpose for all of us.

Every time I’m about to complain about anything in my life, I stop and think about all of the people in the villages and realize how my “problems” are sometimes so insignificant compared to the challenges they face on a daily basis, yet they are so happy and optimistic.  

When you’re not volunteering with H&H, what are you normally up to?

I do PR at a nonprofit in San Pedro Sula. The nonprofit I work at does a little bit of everything – supports orphanages, helps senior citizens, builds houses, builds schools, etc. I have decided that nonprofit work is what I want to do for the rest of my life, which is why I am so passionate about volunteering with H&H! 

Follow and connect with Lucia: @lpaz94 

Since Lucia is now in Honduras, most of our trip participants get to meet her and we love that! If you’d like to join us on a trip and see the process of the school being built, we’d love for you to come along!!