Volunteer Story: Christine Dubbert

The work Humanity & Hope does in Honduras wouldn’t be possible without our incredible volunteers. Today, we’re sharing Christine’s story with you! If you’re interested in volunteering, going on a trip, or becoming a donor, don’t hesitate to reach out. There is space for you here and we would love to have you!

How did you hear about Humanity and Hope?

I learned about Humanity and Hope through Ben Higgins Instagram account while he was the Bachelor.

Why did you choose to come with us?

Back when Ben Higgins was the Bachelor, I purchased a 'hope' bracelet from MudLOVE to support Humanity & Hope. I wore it a few times, before misplacing it. Fast forward to August of 2017. I live in Houston, TX and as Hurricane Harvey was approaching, I knew my home was going to be affected. In the process of lifting things as high off the ground as I could, I found the 'hope' bracelet. I put it on my wrist, and that's where it's stayed. This brought me hope when I couldn't see any. I felt like God was telling me something, and I knew I had to go to Honduras and experience what Humanity & Hope does for myself.

What was the most eye-opening thing you saw or experienced in Honduras?

My heart grew while I was in La Cuchilla. During our end of year celebration we had some pinatas, and the kids were loving it! When they finally broke one of the pinatas, they grabbed the candy and ran to share their candy with us. It was a humbling moment to watch the children share what little they have with us.

IMG_4667 - Christine Dubbert.jpg

Favorite part

There wasn't a part of the trip that I didn't love! The trip I was a part of happened over New Years, so we got to celebrate with each of the communities. Those celebrations were very special and I cherish those memories. Each person I interacted with was filled with joy and gratitude. They shared stories of how H&H has impacted them, and what they want to accomplish in the future. I loved hearing their stories and finding out what their goals and dreams are. I'm grateful that the communities are willing to let us into their lives. I also really enjoyed hiking to the pineapple fields in Remolino and seeing the hard work that community has done there. The view was incredible, and snacking on fresh pineapple was delicious!

Any advice (or encouragement) you'd give to someone who is thinking of joining us on a trip?

If you're interested, GO! I promise you won't regret it! I went into this not knowing anyone, and left with friends for life. Everyone involved in H&H is so kind and welcoming!

How has your trip impacted your daily life post trip?

I think a lot about Honduras and the communities that we interacted with. My heart is anxious to meet with the children again; see how they've grown, hear what they've learned in school, and find out what their new goals are. I'm more grateful than ever for what God blessed me with, and am encouraged to use what God has given me to serve others.

Tell us about your current involvement with H&H

I've become an monthly donor by joining the Hope Circle, and plan to go on a trip later this year!

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