Board Bio: Drew Scholl

Drew Scholl has been part of Humanity and Hope for a few years and has been friends with the Fuller family for even longer. Read on to see what other part of H&H he has a part in!


How did you get involved with Humanity and Hope?

My first trip to Honduras was with the Fuller family in 2006 with a different organization. In 2015 I crossed paths with Riley and heard all about what H&H was doing. I was very compelled by the authenticity of both Riley and the organization.

How has your personal experience impacted your time with Humanity and Hope

I spent three years with my family living on the foreign mission field and felt that I could bring some value as it relates to culture, worldview, and sustainable impact. I serve as the Spiritual Development Board Member and support the team with organizational advice.


Out side of Humanity and Hope, what does your life look like? Don’t forget to tell us about Generous!

Currently I work as CAO and part owner of the Wildman Business Group. My areas of focus are talent management, people development, mission, culture, and technology. In 2017 I co-founded Generous International along with Riley and Ben. I enjoy investing my extra time and energy into seeing this great organization grow. I love spending time with my wife and doing activities with my kids (4 of them) and watching them excel at uniquely different things. I am a musician and enjoy playing a variety of instruments...sometimes with the kids! I enjoy a variety of recreation: biking, running, skateboarding (primarily with the two boys), snowboarding, anything adventure related. We love traveling the world.

My life goals are to maximize my time and energy for the kingdom, creating impact, and investing into my kids so they understand the importance of living a purpose filled life.


What are your hopes and dreams for Humanity and Hope?

To see the villages we work with now rise up and and multiply the impact, helping H&H expand the impact to other villages, and to do so on the foundation of a local body of Christ.

Drew, thank you for spending your time helping Humanity and Hope create life-changing impact in Honduras!