Board Bio: Chanel Maddigan

My name is Chanel Maddigan, and I am from Buffalo, New York. My educational background is in business management and international relations, and I am a practicing attorney with a passion for tango dancing and travel.


Have you ever asked yourself whether to pursue a certain path, whether a particular decision was the right one, and heard or felt an emphatic “YES” in response from God? I’ve experienced just that firsthand every time I’ve been presented with an opportunity to become more and more involved with Humanity and Hope.

My involvement with Humanity and Hope means the world to me. I am learning that purpose in life is to recognize and to act upon my responsibility to others—to do as much as is humanly possible in furtherance of brighter futures for those who were not born with the opportunities I was, for some reason, born with. Investing my time, resources, and talents with Humanity and Hope has been the perfect way for me to act upon the profound sense of responsibility to others instilled within me.


Humanity and Hope values this responsibility and is a vessel for people to use their unique gifts to serve others. We ask our family in La Cuchilla, La Coroza, and Remolino: What are your dreams, goals, hopes for the future? How can we partner with you to turn those dreams into reality?  My hope for our future is that Humanity and Hope impacts as many lives as possible, as deeply as possible, all the while staying true to our mission of empowering people through sustainable change.

All photos on this page provided by  RP Imagery

All photos on this page provided by RP Imagery



Chanel Maddigan
Buffalo, NY