Board Bio: Brandon Conley

Riley invited Brandon on a trip back in 2010 and he’s been on board with the Humanity and Hope vision ever since!

How did you get involved with Humanity and Hope?

I took a trip to Honduras in 2010 with Riley with another organization. Riley shared some ideas on how he wanted to serve Hondurans and at 25 years old I knew I wanted to do something meaningful to help people. I told Riley that I loved his ideas and however I could help I would jump 2 feet in with him to figure it out. 8 years later it's been one amazing journey to see how H&H has impacted so many lives in Honduras and domestically!


Why did you want to be a board member?

When we first started we didn't have a board and we didn't have really any structure. We had 3 or 4 guys that wanted to do better in this world and raised some money from friends and family to do just that. As H&H grew forming a board was a necessity to help steward the organization properly. I felt like my time and talents were best served to join it.

What is your role on the board?

My role as a board member is primarily to drive awareness and use my small business background to help us scale out. I serve on the marketing committee and have used my sales and marketing background to help out there.


Out side of Humanity and Hope, what does your life look like?

My day to day job is selling consultative solutions to distributors in the textile rental industry. A simpler way to put it is I broker janitorial supplies to people who wash clothes for a living :). My hobbies include anything outdoors I can do in Colorado with my wife Bradee. (Skiing, Camping, Hiking, Moutaineering, Camping, etc.). If I had a life goal it would be to build the small business I have the opportunity to be a part of to it's highest point and then steward my time talent and resources for the kingdom!

What are your hopes and dreams for Humanity and Hope?

To see people become the fullest versions of themselves and have the opportunity to pursue any hope or dream they've had in life.

Why would you encourage someone to get involved with H&H?

3rd world poverty is an epidemic built around hopelessness and lack of opportunity. I feel like H&H is a solution to investing in people and giving them hope and opportunity to flourish. When people are loved and given purpose miracles really do happen.

Brandon, we are grateful you and Bradee are part of the H&H family and for the fun energy you bring to the table! Everything you do benefits those in our communities greatly!