Purchase with Purpose

What if living the abundant life isn’t about having better stories to share but about living a story that lets others live better?
— Ann Voskamp

Besides being nostalgic, a walk through a tree farm during the holiday season can be a really eye opening experience. How is it that all of these trees are still alive and thriving throughout all the seasons of their life?

The simple answer is, their seeds were watered patiently, allowing them to create deep roots. The first couple growing seasons of a tree's life are tough. They expend a lot of energy trying to establish their roots. They need a lot of water and consistent care to survive and develop into their full potential.

The same goes for our families in Honduras. They too need a steady outpouring of love to believe in their potential and begin establishing roots strong enough to withstand even the most difficult seasons of life.  However, at this point, nothing about their lives is stable. Some wake up every day not knowing if they will have enough food to feed their children tomorrow. Others have lost the motivation in their hearts to dream about a better life.

We believe that you are a gift the world needs. You have the power to purchase with purpose and plant seeds that together we will continue to grow for years to come. While we watch them establish their roots, so will you. And you can look down at your cup of coffee or bracelet and think, I am a part of something so much bigger than myself. I am living a story that allows others to have a better life. My outpouring of love will always, always make a difference. Your loved ones will think the same when you decide to make an investment of hope in their honor. Our life stories become so much deeper when our givenness is rooted in love. 

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Generous CoffeeCoffee is a huge part of the morning routine of so many. Why not choose to give back with every sip you take? Generous is a lifestyle. Even the most minuscule decisions we make each day reflect the tone of our life story. We can choose to punctuate our days with an attitude that seeks to give back ---let others see your smile, be a little more present, give an encouraging word without being prompted. With Generous Coffee, we can now choose to use this mindset when selecting consumer goods. Purchasing a bag of coffee means providing job opportunities for those who need it most. Be Generous, because you don't have to. 

Doxhalogy - The Emerita Bracelet: is a handcrafted leather bracelet, which displays the coordinates of a very special place: the village of La Cuchilla.  This village of 27 families had been praying for help for years, and today we are taking steps toward answering their prayers. But the village of La Cuchilla was “off the grid” before a woman named Emerita showed us the way. Emerita leads a group of women in a chicken business in the village of La Coroza and knows firsthand the impact purpose can have on a woman's life. She chose to delay advances for her own family such as obtaining electricity, so that the people of La Cuchilla could have their basic needs met first.  She and her husband even gathered clothing from families in her village to donate to others in La Cuchilla. We need more of this in our world. Emerita is a stunning reminder that with each other, we are never lost. Her tenacity to pay it forward to others is nothing short of remarkable. 

Every bracelet was created by women like Emerita, who believe in the power of opportunity. Each bracelet will create three days of work for a woman in Honduras. When you purchase this bracelet, you too are choosing to believe in paying it forward and bringing light and purpose to those who need it most. 

Investment of Hope: Give the gift of time to a family in Honduras. One month of stable income and clean water means more time to walk forward towards creating a better life. It means more time for the children of this family to make their way to school and feel new dreams coming alive in their hearts every day. One month may not seem like a lot of time, but by choosing to purchase that “one,” you may provide the most stability this family has seen in their entire lifetime. 

Purchasing with purpose means believing that ALL trees deserve a chance to root down and blossom up. Won't you join us in this movement? Click here to purchase with purpose and make an investment this holiday season.