Our World

Our world is in pain. Every week it seems like the news is packed with devastating stories; things that none of us can even begin to wrap our minds around. How do we respond to our world’s desperate call for help?  Is there any hope left to hang on?

A while back, Humanity and Hope United’s founder Riley Fuller said something about the villages he works with that resonates with the current climate of our world.  He said:

It may not look to the outside world that there’s a lot here. It may not look like there’s hope here. But, I believe in you.

It may not look like there are a lot of helpers out there.  It may not look like there’s a way to overcome the evil that we see blazing through our society, but what if someone believed there was? Wouldn’t that be comforting?

Humanity and Hope believes that every single one of us holds the potential to rise above even the bleakest circumstances. 

Meet Dunia. Her name literally means “our world” and we believe her story is calling us to respond. Not only to her, but to everyone who has ever felt lost or hopeless or abandoned. 

Photo by  Christina Cernik

Dunia Miranda is a single mother. She lives in a small hut with seven children in the village of La Cuchilla. Not too much is known about her except that her husband had a drinking problem and would beat her. He has since abandoned the family. Her only source of income is occasionally washing other people’s clothes for money.

Dunia is trying desperately to rise above her circumstances. She puts on a brave face every day for her children and actively seeks any work she can find. 

But, Dunia is tired. 

Our world is tired.

You can help. We all need each other so desperately. The world's heart is breaking and it is actively seeking givers to bring back the hope. 

Please follow the link to our latest campaign which will provide sustainable jobs opportunities for women like Dunia in the village of La Cuchilla. By purchasing a mug or bracelet created by Moon& Lola, you will not only provide concrete opportunities for individuals in need, but you'll also be telling the world, "I believe in you."

That phrase is a comfort we all really need right now. 

-Kelly Segar with Ally Browning and Kathryn Muccino