About a Woman

In honor of International Women’s Day we want to share the hearts of the courageous, powerful women who are connected to Humanity and Hope United from across our country and into Honduras. They inspire us every day with their steadfast love, willingness to sacrifice for their children, and motivation to push towards a better future for everyone around them. On our most recent trip down to Honduras, we visited homes in the village of La Cuchilla and were subsequently met with the question, "What do women want?" More than anything else, they want to work. They sat on benches, pulled up plastic chairs, looked us in the eyes and said: 

I want to provide for my children. I want them to have a better future and to believe they can grow up to be anything they set their hearts on. I don’t care what that is, as long as it makes them happy.

These women are consciously choosing sacrifice. They will walk 60 minutes in the hot sun lugging clean water from a distant well if it means they can provide hope to their children. They inspires us. And so do the women who join us on trips and spend their time listening in order to understand. Together, these women form a powerhouse of love that's really hard to describe. But, let us try...










Let me tell you about a woman,


who listens and by doing so,


makes room.













She moves steadily, despite fear


and welcomes newcomers into her story














Her deepest wishes are rarely owned, but given. S

he wants to provide and encourage. 

She wants to love. 














Let me tell you about a woman, w

ho uses her vulnerability as an invitation t

o seek more, love deeper, a

nd communicate in truths.













She's generous in her transactions,


and gives a little bit of herself to everyone she meets.








Let me tell you about a woman, w

ho breaks down barriers simply by listening. 










She's aware that her power lies in her breaking points, a

nd takes courage in spaces of uncertainty.


She is steadfast,


In every way imaginable.


She embraces her fellow women, a

s teachers and muses.






She revels in all the ways they are so much like her, a

nd leans into their differences.












She's your mother, your sister, your best friend.












She's the strength this world needs, a

nd the type of power we should be lifting up.

Let me tell you about a woman.

If you have something good to say about the women in your life, consider what makes them so great. Are they the givers in your life? Have they made sacrifices to help you get to where you are today? Consider entering into this cycle of empowerment by supporting job production for the women of La Cuchilla. There is no better way to honor a woman than to give her the space to keep going! Happy International Women's Day! 

By: Kelly Segar

Photos by: Kayla Lynn Creative




A Shelter for Your Pain

RPImagery-8965 (1).jpg

On this #ThankfulThursday we invite you to listen to a story that will draw your hearts closest to the true meaning of purchasing with purpose.

Candi Goll experienced some ongoing dizziness for a little over a year with no clear explanation. Until one day an MRI came back showing a mass in her cerebellum; the news no family ever wants to hear. Brain surgery followed shortly thereafter and Candi's loved ones finally experienced some comfort when she made her way into the recovery room and began the healing process.

Unfortunately, only four days later, she was struck with a severe headache, which was determined to be a brain bleed, and Candi was rushed once again into emergency surgery. According to the family, this unexpected turn was a major setback, and significantly affected the way Candi functions today. She has a hard time walking and can no longer eat solid food. Candi works daily with various therapies to gain pieces of her independence back, but still requires nearly round-the-clock care from her husband, her Aunt Darlene and her cousin, Kelly.

                                              Candi with her grandson, Silas.

                                             Candi with her grandson, Silas.

When a family is first hit with news this devastating, their world crumbles around them. What once was stable is now shaky, and all they can do is reach blindly for a solid beam from which to start rebuilding hope. Candi and her family could easily lie down in the midst of their suffering, and they would be completely valid in this reaction. But instead, they continue to reach for ways to repurpose their pain.

The remarkable thing about Candi’s family is that although they have experienced loss multiple times over, their only holiday wish is to GIVE. Candi’s family members cut back on gift-giving this year and gathered together to donate their money to Humanity and Hope with the humbling wish of providing a more stable lifestyle for our friends in Honduras.

 Candi's family honors her this holiday season- Stacey, Kelly, Chris, Darlene, Kate, and Laine.

Candi's family honors her this holiday season- Stacey, Kelly, Chris, Darlene, Kate, and Laine.

Their generosity has touched our hearts and reminds us what this time of year is truly about.

We often think of the holiday season as a time of magic and wonder, and with the new year approaching it is often perceived as a time for turning a new page. However, there are some things in life that we cannot simply turn the page on, like the sickness of a family member or the struggle to provide for your children when you have no stable income. We all know far too well, when the clock strikes twelve on December 31st, our pain is not magically wiped away.

However, what if the magical new beginning we are all looking for is found in simply believing we are not alone?

Candi and her family have shown us a new way to look at the wonder of the holidays. Together we can say: 

I know you are hurting.  I am too. But, I’m here with you in this struggle. And as we simultaneously walk through these difficult seasons of life, I choose to be a shelter for your pain.

 H&H Director of Engagement, Ally Browning, sheltering her friend Ariel with love, in the village of La Coroza

H&H Director of Engagement, Ally Browning, sheltering her friend Ariel with love, in the village of La Coroza

We believe that, just like Candi’s loving family, you too were given the power to build sanctuaries for others out your own suffering. By choosing to purchase with purpose this holiday season, you are consuming in a way that reminds you that your pain can be repurposed for the good of others, and simultaneously gives our most vulnerable friends the power to believe that too.

By: Kelly Segar with Ally Browning 

Purchase with Purpose

What if living the abundant life isn’t about having better stories to share but about living a story that lets others live better?
— Ann Voskamp

Besides being nostalgic, a walk through a tree farm during the holiday season can be a really eye opening experience. How is it that all of these trees are still alive and thriving throughout all the seasons of their life?

The simple answer is, their seeds were watered patiently, allowing them to create deep roots. The first couple growing seasons of a tree's life are tough. They expend a lot of energy trying to establish their roots. They need a lot of water and consistent care to survive and develop into their full potential.

The same goes for our families in Honduras. They too need a steady outpouring of love to believe in their potential and begin establishing roots strong enough to withstand even the most difficult seasons of life.  However, at this point, nothing about their lives is stable. Some wake up every day not knowing if they will have enough food to feed their children tomorrow. Others have lost the motivation in their hearts to dream about a better life.

We believe that you are a gift the world needs. You have the power to purchase with purpose and plant seeds that together we will continue to grow for years to come. While we watch them establish their roots, so will you. And you can look down at your cup of coffee or bracelet and think, I am a part of something so much bigger than myself. I am living a story that allows others to have a better life. My outpouring of love will always, always make a difference. Your loved ones will think the same when you decide to make an investment of hope in their honor. Our life stories become so much deeper when our givenness is rooted in love. 

Browse below to check out our holiday gift options …

Generous CoffeeCoffee is a huge part of the morning routine of so many. Why not choose to give back with every sip you take? Generous is a lifestyle. Even the most minuscule decisions we make each day reflect the tone of our life story. We can choose to punctuate our days with an attitude that seeks to give back ---let others see your smile, be a little more present, give an encouraging word without being prompted. With Generous Coffee, we can now choose to use this mindset when selecting consumer goods. Purchasing a bag of coffee means providing job opportunities for those who need it most. Be Generous, because you don't have to. 

Doxhalogy - The Emerita Bracelet: is a handcrafted leather bracelet, which displays the coordinates of a very special place: the village of La Cuchilla.  This village of 27 families had been praying for help for years, and today we are taking steps toward answering their prayers. But the village of La Cuchilla was “off the grid” before a woman named Emerita showed us the way. Emerita leads a group of women in a chicken business in the village of La Coroza and knows firsthand the impact purpose can have on a woman's life. She chose to delay advances for her own family such as obtaining electricity, so that the people of La Cuchilla could have their basic needs met first.  She and her husband even gathered clothing from families in her village to donate to others in La Cuchilla. We need more of this in our world. Emerita is a stunning reminder that with each other, we are never lost. Her tenacity to pay it forward to others is nothing short of remarkable. 

Every bracelet was created by women like Emerita, who believe in the power of opportunity. Each bracelet will create three days of work for a woman in Honduras. When you purchase this bracelet, you too are choosing to believe in paying it forward and bringing light and purpose to those who need it most. 

Investment of Hope: Give the gift of time to a family in Honduras. One month of stable income and clean water means more time to walk forward towards creating a better life. It means more time for the children of this family to make their way to school and feel new dreams coming alive in their hearts every day. One month may not seem like a lot of time, but by choosing to purchase that “one,” you may provide the most stability this family has seen in their entire lifetime. 

Purchasing with purpose means believing that ALL trees deserve a chance to root down and blossom up. Won't you join us in this movement? Click here to purchase with purpose and make an investment this holiday season.

Our World

Our world is in pain. Every week it seems like the news is packed with devastating stories; things that none of us can even begin to wrap our minds around. How do we respond to our world’s desperate call for help?  Is there any hope left to hang on?

A while back, Humanity and Hope United’s founder Riley Fuller said something about the villages he works with that resonates with the current climate of our world.  He said:

It may not look to the outside world that there’s a lot here. It may not look like there’s hope here. But, I believe in you.

It may not look like there are a lot of helpers out there.  It may not look like there’s a way to overcome the evil that we see blazing through our society, but what if someone believed there was? Wouldn’t that be comforting?

Humanity and Hope believes that every single one of us holds the potential to rise above even the bleakest circumstances. 

Meet Dunia. Her name literally means “our world” and we believe her story is calling us to respond. Not only to her, but to everyone who has ever felt lost or hopeless or abandoned. 

 Photo by  Christina Cernik

Dunia Miranda is a single mother. She lives in a small hut with seven children in the village of La Cuchilla. Not too much is known about her except that her husband had a drinking problem and would beat her. He has since abandoned the family. Her only source of income is occasionally washing other people’s clothes for money.

Dunia is trying desperately to rise above her circumstances. She puts on a brave face every day for her children and actively seeks any work she can find. 

But, Dunia is tired. 

Our world is tired.

You can help. We all need each other so desperately. The world's heart is breaking and it is actively seeking givers to bring back the hope. 

Please follow the link to our latest campaign which will provide sustainable jobs opportunities for women like Dunia in the village of La Cuchilla. By purchasing a mug or bracelet created by Moon& Lola, you will not only provide concrete opportunities for individuals in need, but you'll also be telling the world, "I believe in you."

That phrase is a comfort we all really need right now. 

-Kelly Segar with Ally Browning and Kathryn Muccino

Life Unfiltered

What do you want to be known for? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

I bet without even realizing it, you screen your Instagram photos based on your answer to it. What would our albums look like if we all posted our outtakes instead of the ones we’ve carefully selected to share? 

I think we’d realize that we are all much more alike than we are different. We’re all flawed.  We all yearn for acceptance.  And deep down, we know it’ll be easier to find or follow our purpose when we embrace our outtakes.  But how do we get ourselves to that place of vulnerability? 

We can look to our friends from La Cuchilla for some help. Meet Karmen and Aldon. They didn’t ask us to take these photos multiple times. Sometimes there is no option but to be vulnerable. They live every day unfiltered. 

Men Leader.jpg

And that goes for their water and homes too. The people of La Cuchilla ration out foggy water just to survive. They’ve woven shelter out of twigs and old pieces of trash. 


Their lives are so different from ours.

And yet, it is in their reflection that we see our potential to live life unfiltered. 

Despite the daily struggles and heartbreak and exhaustion, they are living proof that vulnerability pushes. It may be uncomfortable, but it pushes you to seek out a true purpose in this life, something that will bring you hope in all of life's most trying seasons. 


Many villagers of La Cuchilla have told us their most earnest wish is to find their purpose. They ask themselves the same question we do: “What do I want to be known for?” These next two weeks we invite you to join us for a couple of unique fundraising events and help us raise money to create jobs for women in La Cuchilla (event details below). 

We all need one another so deeply. We need the villagers of La Cuchilla to teach us about living life in a very raw way; without filters.

They need us to give them the acceptance we all yearn for by investing in jobs which give them the opportunity to find their purpose for the first time ever. 


I am, you are, we all are: individuals, dreamers, victims, apprentices, ambassadors, advocates, lovers, educators, health providers. We are the change makers. Let’s live our lives in such a way that when we look at the big picture it needs no filter, because it tells the world exactly what we want to be know for. 

-Kelly Segar with Ally Browning and Riley Fuller

The Generous Event - September 30, 2017
Location: Colony KC + The Rino, 7-11 pm
{312 Armour Road, N. KC, MO 64116}

Honduran appetizers, beverages, live music, silent auction and story telling
Purchase tickets here

Howl at the Moon - October 6, 2017
Locations: Tippy Creek Winery, 6-9 pm
{5920 N 200 E. Leesburg, Indiana 46538}
Live Entertainment, wine, food truck and good company
Purchase tickets here.