The Grand Farm, (which can be viewed here on Google) is literally a field of dreams, consisting of 30 acres of land within the village of La Coroza. With 126 individuals in this community, the Grand Farm offers opportunities such as jobs for the men and women, which leads to better education and health care for their children in addition to meeting all their family's basic necessities.

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Today the community has three businesses within the Grand Farm - beans, corn and plantains, but they have dreams and we have experts who want to help them build the best cow business in the country that will employ more men, while also farming part of the land with crops to provide a continuous source of income.

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We want to invite you take action and help La Coroza purchase the Grand Farm, so they can continue to grow and dream big. They've seen and tasted the fruit of their labor and we can't watch it be taken away from them. Together, we can unite and choose to fight for their dreams. Please consider helping us by: investing, creating a fundraiser or advocating to help us reach our goal to purchase the Grand Farm.


Donate and help us reach our goal.

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